Kelly Hashway

USA Today Bestselling Cozy Mystery Author

Piper Ashwell Psychic P.I. Series ~ paranormal cozy mystery

Psychic P.I. Piper Ashwell is no stranger to solving mysteries. She's been doing it since her psychic abilities first surfaced at the age of twelve. Now she's a private investigator who works with the Weltunkin Police Department to find missing persons and solve murders. Read more about Piper and her stories here.

Cup of Jo Mysteries ~ culinary cozy mystery

All Joanna Coffee ever dreamed of was owning her own coffee shop. I mean with a name like Jo Coffee, what else could fate have in mind for her? Possibly solving murders for her ex, Detective Quentin Perry. Fueled on plenty of caffeine, Jo might be Bennett Falls's best shot at solving crime. Read more about the series here.

Traumatic Temp Agency Series ~ small town cozy mystery

Who knew working with a temp agency could be so traumatic? Hailey Hart is finding out the hard way, discovering bodies at the job placements she’s assigned to. She never intended to add amateur sleuth to her resume, but she’s quickly becoming Rockland's true crime expert. Read more about the series here.

Holidays Can Be Murder ~ small town cozy mystery

Holidays can be stressful, but in Swan Creek, they're deadly. Psychologist Dr. Sydney Warner is used to helping people try to solve their problems, but they don't typically involve murders. Until now. Read more about the series here.

Madison Kramer Mysteries ~ cozy mystery

After witnessing her own parents' murders, Madison Kramer was forced to assume a new identity, and she's found some comfort in writing suspense novels. But her newfound fame as an author has put her in the middle of several murders. Murders only she can solve. Read more about the series here.