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Fading Into the Shadows

When Ella Andrews’s best friend, Avery, goes missing, she’ll do anything to get him back—even follow a strange shadow to another world where the constellations are real-life figures in the sky.

Draco, Scorpius, and Serpens have fallen and are destroying the world of Stellaris. And the princess is forcing Ella, Avery, and an army of other kids kidnapped from their world to fight the rogue constellations. But Stellaris isn’t meant for humans, and the longer Ella and the others stay, the more they fade into substanceless shadows—a fate worse than death.

Can Ella save Stellaris before there's nothing left of her and Avery?

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TOUCH OF DEATH Series - YA Paranormal

My debut YA series, TOUCH OF DEATH, released January 15, 2013 through Spencer Hill Press. This is a spin on Medusa and the 13th sign of the zodiac like you've never seen before. It was pitched as Shatter Me meets The Walking Dead.

"An interesting take on Greek mythology that will have you turning the pages." -- #1 New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author Jennifer L. Armentrout

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THE MONSTER WITHIN Books - YA Paranormal

A teenage girl is magically brought back to life by the boy who loves her, but she comes back "wrong" and has to face the evil now growing within her.

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INTO THE FIRE Trilogy - YA Paranormal

A teenage girl descended from the mythical Phoenix bird will be reborn and forget everyone and everything she knows.

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OUR LITTLE SECRET ~ Ashelyn Drake Contemporary Romance

Find out what happens when you fall for your best friends twin brother.

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PERFECT FOR YOU ~ Ashelyn Drake Contemporary Romance

How is a girl supposed to choose between her perfect boyfriend and the guy who thinks he perfect for her?

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