Kelly Hashway

Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Picture Book Author

The following educational stories are all published by Super Teacher Worksheets.


"The Skeleton Key"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Erik thinks spending the afternoon at his grandparents' house is going to be boring. But he finds a skeleton key and his grandfather challenges him to locate the door the key opens. If Erik finds the hidden game room, the afternoon will fly by.

"A Team for Trish"-5th grade Reading Comprehension

Trish is always picked last in gym class, but her hidden talent for basketball helps her find a team of her own. 

"Frankenstein Face"-4th grade Reading Comprehension

Tara is afraid the kids at her soccer camp are going to make fun of the Frankenstein-like stitches on her face, but the reaction she gets on her first day is nothing like she ever would have imagined. 

"The Haunted Tree"-3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

When Mark is the first one at the bus stop in the morning, he's afraid to wait by the haunted tree, especially when strange noises start coming from the center of it.

"Erin's Four-Leaf Clover"- 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Erin thinks her four-leaf clover is lucky, so when she loses it in a gust of wind, she's afraid she's in for some bad luck. 

"Surprise Party"-3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Emma wants Mr. Stinton's surprise party to be perfect, but she can't help wishing someone would remember it was her birthday too. 

"The Class Leader"-4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Laura wants to be elected the first class leader and wear a shiny gold badge for all to see, but when her best friend also runs for the position, Laura must decide if winning is more important than taking the position from someone who really deserves it. 

"Funny Faces"-4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Liz can't wait to see how her school picture came out, but when she sees it, all she can think about is getting retakes. That is until she finds a creative way to deal with the embarrassing photograph. 

"Holiday Musical Blues"-5th Grade Reading Comprehension

Lisa hopes she'll get one of the lead roles in the holiday musical, but she's upset that no one will recognize her in the special part she was chosen for.

"The Clear Choice"-3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Rachel doesn't want her friends to know she has glasses, but when she can't see the board in class, her teacher gives her the choice of wearing her glasses or moving her seat away from her friends.

"Catch of the Day"-4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Cindy wants to win the community fishing contest by catching the biggest fish, but she gets a big surprise that may win her a trophy after all. 

"The Twister"-5th Grade Reading Comprehension

Michelle is afraid to ride the new roller coaster, The Twister, on her class trip to the amusement park, but she doesn't want to let her friends down either. 

"Diary of a Dancer"-4th Grade Reading Comprehension

While Alicia helps her grandparents move into their new house, she finds an old diary in the attic. Alicia can't put the diary down since it was written by a dancer and Alicia dreams of becoming one. But when she finds out who the diary belongs to, she just might achieve her dream.

"Holiday Traditions"-Reading Comprehension (Christmas)

Josh is worried about going to Aiden's holiday party. After all, should Josh really celebrate Christmas when he's Jewish? But when the Christmas traditions run out before the party is over, Josh will get to share his favorite Hanukkah tradition with his friends.

"The Perfect Gift"-Reading Comprehension (Christmas)

Christmas shopping isn't easy for Colin. He wants to find the perfect gift for his parents, but he can't afford anything his parents would actually want. Colin's sister suggests he make something that will remind his parents of him when they look at it. Colin's special talent just might turn into the perfect gift.

"A Flag of Many Faces"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

When Phoebe has to make a flag of the country that best represents her nationality for the International Luncheon, she doesn't know what to do. She's eight different nationalities all in one. But with some creative thinking, Phoebe finds a way to create a flag that proudly displays who she is. 

"Uncovered Treasure"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

When a leak in the water pipes means digging up Colin's old sandbox, he starts to get nostalgic for the days when he used to dig in the sand hoping to find dinosaur bones. But when the backhoe reveals a fossil hidden in the dirt, Colin's dreams of discovery may come true after all.

"Carnival Fever"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

When Sophie comes down with a fever on the day of her best friend's birthday party, she couldn't be more disappointed. The party has a carnival theme with all Sophie's favorite games, and now she's stuck home in bed. She dreams of the fun she's missing at the party, until her family comes up with the perfect solution for her carnival fever. 

"Snow Dance"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension


All Adrianna really wanted for Christmas was a new sled, but now that she has one it won't snow. Will the snow come before winter break is over or will Adrianna's favorite gift sit unused?

"Sleepover Nightmares"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Kayla is worried about her first sleepover. She isn't a night person and is afraid her friends will make fun of her if she falls asleep first.

"The Closet Creature"-- 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

When Adam wakes up in the middle of the night to scary sounds coming from his closet, he'll need help to find out just what kind of creature is trapped inside.

"Sibling Swap"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Ted wishes he could trade his older sister, Kate, for his neighbor Aaron, but when Aaron comes to spend the afternoon, Ted realizes he's glad he has Kate. 

"The New Girl"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Shelby thinks she knows everything about Hayword Elementary and its students, but when a new girl shows up, Shelby jumps to the wrong conclusion about the girl's appearance.

"Field Day Champion"--5th Grade Reading Comprehension

Andy can almost feel the first place medal around his neck, but when the last challenge of the field day is a hula hooping competition, Andy will learn what it means to be a true field day champion.

"Shh! It's a Secret"--Reading Comprehension

Reagan is tired of keeping all Jennifer's secrets, especially when it hurts her best friend Lena. 

"Road Trip"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Daniel can't wait to go to Disney World, but the long car ride is torture. He can't imagine a worse road trip until his father tells him about a nightmare of a trip he took as a kid. Now Daniel hopes there's enough time to hear all his mother's road trip stories, too. 

"Dinosaur Graveyard"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Jackie is spending the day at her grandparents' farm, and she can't wait to explore the place her grandparents call the dinosaur graveyard.

"The Easter Parade"--Holiday Reading Comprehension

Erica's class is excited about their Easter float, and when Mrs. Jackson asks for a volunteer for a special part in the parade, Erica jumps at the chance. The part isn't what she expected, but it will certainly make her the star of the parade. 

"The Fortune Teller"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Maureen thinks fortune telling is spooky, so when her best friend drags her to Madam Ursula's booth on the boardwalk, Maureen is more than a little surprised by her reading.

"The Perfect Birthday Present"--3rd Grade Reading Comp.

All Toby wants for his birthday is a new Super Robotoman action figure, and he makes sure everyone knows it. But when he finally rips into his birthday gifts, he'll get big surprise.

"Rhythmless Blues"-- 4th Grade Reading Comprehension

With the charity dance days away, Shauna wants to run and hide. But the dance is for a good cause and all her friends are going. She enrolls in a few dance classes and tries to learn enough not to embarrass herself. But on the night of the dance, she'll feel silly for a completely different reason. 

"Hunting for Shark Teeth"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Trina is determined to find a shark tooth before she leaves the beach. She finds something that could be a tooth, but she isn't sure. Will the mystery item be enough to satisfy her search? 

"Wailing Well"--5th Grade Reading Comprehension

Charlie is the toughest girl in the fifth grade, but when she's dared to look into the "Wailing Well" and find out if a kid-hungry troll really lives there, she's afraid she'll lose her reputation. Charlie must find the courage to prove that some scary stories are just that--stories.

"High Flyer"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Matt and Allie want to win the High Flyer kite competition, but their design isn't nearly as exciting as the other competitors. They try to add some extra flare to the kite but it just might cost them the win. 

"Graduation Party"--5th Grade Reading Comprehension

It might be Kurt's graduation party but Chris is getting stuck doing all the work, and he doesn't think it's fair.

"New Teacher Troubles"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Liam used to like going to school... but the the new school year means a new teacher, and Liam's been assigned to Mrs. Chompsky, the strictest teacher in the building. 

"Math Problems"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Alex is sure he's going to be in big trouble when he has to bring his math quiz home to be signed. But his failing grade may help him find an answer to his math problems. 

"Pool Party"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Ava doesn't want to disappoint her best friend Melanie by missing her pool party, but Ava doesn't want everyone to find out she can't swim either.

"A Personal Introduction"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

When Valerie has to present a personal item to the class as a way to get to know her, she can't figure out what to bring. Everything in her room is either too personal or doesn't say much about her. But a package from her favorite aunt just might contain the answer.

"Someplace Special"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Brooke's mom is taking her someplace special, but Brooke can't figure out where that could be. And the answer isn't anything she would've guessed.

"Swing Set Time Machine"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Alex's imagination has transformed his swing set into a time machine. But when his neighbor Becca comes to visit, Alex isn't sure if he should share his secret with her.

"Foul Ball"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Emmitt is having a great time at the baseball game, except he really wants to catch a foul ball. But when he gets the chance, the decision he makes will surprise more than just him.

"Rules of the Playground"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

It's Maddie's first day in a new school, and at recess she can't wait to try out the giant play set. But according to the rules of the playground set by the fourth graders, Maddie's not allowed on it. Now she'll have to decide what's more important, playing by the rules or making new friends.

"Weathering the Storm"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

When Sara's birthday party is cancelled due to a hurricane, she can't think about anything else. But when her mother shows her how others are affected by the storm, Sara has a change of heart. 

"Video Game Mania"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Paige wants to go outside and play basketball, but her brother Alec is determined to get to the next level on his video game. Paige decides to join Alec and play the game. But the outcome with surprise more than just her.

"A Birthday Treat"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Randy can't wait to see what Mrs. Anderson is baking for a special birthday treat. But when he discovers what the treat is, he's more than a little disappointed. Can his grumbling stomach change his mind and maybe even his taste buds?

"Halloween Parade"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Laila is excited to wear her new princess costume in the school Halloween parade, but when her teacher announces that all costumes must be handmade, Laila isn't sure if she can make something worthy of the parade.

"Thanksgiving Essay"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Leslie has to write a report on what she's most thankful for this Thanksgiving, but she can't decide on one thing. But after spending the holiday with her family, she knows exactly what she'll write about. 

"Flower Girl"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Arianna is excited when her cousin asks her to be the flower girl in her wedding, but when Arianna's finds out flower girls are usually very young, she doesn't want to do it. Can her mother convince her that the job is about more than age in time for the wedding?

"The Scariest Scarescrow"--3th Grade Reading Comprehension

Ben is excited to go to his uncle's farm to pick pumpkins and apples, but when Uncle Darrell can't keep the crows away from his crops, Ben will have to figure out how to make the scariest scarecrow to fix the problem.

"Pumpkin Faces"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Jackie and Mason want to create original looking pumpkins for the pumpkin painting contest, but they can't come up with any good ideas. That is until a little spilled paint sparks a fresh idea that might be good enough to win the contest.

"A Boy's Best Friend"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Damon loves his dog, Prince, but when a new puppy shows up next door, Prince is pushed aside. Can Damon learn that while puppies are cute, a grown dog can offer friendship? 

"Hannuka Holiday Presentation"--Reading Comprehension

When Allan's teacher asks him to help with the holiday presentation, Allan doesn't want to be singled out as the Jewish student. But when he discovers he's not the only one who celebrates Hannukah, he just might be able to pass the holiday spirit on to his classmates.

"Shooting for Perfection"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

With basketball tryout around the corner, Jason is busy working on his free throws. He wants to make every one to impress his coach, but shooting for perfection isn't easy.

"A Grandma to All"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Tamara is excited to spend the weekend with her grandmother, but her best friend Darla doesn't want to hear about it. When Tamara finds out what's really bothering Darla, she just might have a way to cheer up her friend.

"Rumors Running Wild"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

When Michelle's best friend Paige suddenly becomes popular, Michelle feels left out. But when Michelle mumbles something mean about Paige and someone overhears, rumors start to run wild through the school. Can Michelle set things straight and get her friend back?

"New Year's Resolution"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Erica's New Year's resolutions are a little too ambitious, but when her mom convinces her to come up with one resolution she can really stick with, Erica discovers the perfect plan for the New Year.

"Underwater Adventure"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Andy doesn't like going along with his dad on all the weekend errands. But when the final stop turns into an underwater adventure, Andy learns some errands can actually be fun.

"Backyard Visitor"-- 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

When a baby deer shows up in the backyard, Sarah wants to treat it like a pet, but when her mom tells her the dangers of interacting with wild animals, Sarah will have to find another way to remember her backyard visitor. 

"Spare"--Reading Comprehension

When Lena's two best friends plan a bowling trip without her, Lena is determined to find out why she's left feeling like the spare. But when she shows up at the bowling alley, she'll find out things aren't always what they seem. 

"Erupting with Fun"--4th GradeReading Comprehension

Darren forgot all about his science project that's due tomorrow. Now he can't go to the new skate park with his friends. And how will he come up with a project in one day? But his mom saves the day with an idea that's exploding with fun. 

"Secret Valentine"--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Lauren's class is having a Valentine's Day party, but she seems to be the only one excited about it. That is until a special project brings out the secret valentines in everyone.

"The Foggy Figure"--Reading Comprehension

Justin and Mary are vacationing at their uncle's lake house, and when Uncle Thomas tells them about the Foggy Figure that haunts the lake, they're determined to see it with their own eyes. But the fog is holding a surprise they never would've suspected. 

"Who's On First?"--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Liam's been working hard getting ready to try out for the position of first baseman, but when his best friend Eric goes out for the same position, the question becomes "Who's on First?"

"Missing Information"--Reading Comprehension

When Jameson eavesdrops on his Mom's phone conversation, he thinks his mom is setting up a play date with the younger boy down the street. Jameson pretends to study to get out of it, but after he wastes the entire afternoon bored in his room, he discovers he missed a lot of the conversation he was trying overhear, and he also missed out on an afternoon of fun. 

Pot of Gold--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

When Jason gets stuck being the leprechaun while playing Leprechaun's Pot of Gold with his friends, he'll have to think like a leprechaun to find the perfect hiding place for the chocolate coins. 

Labyrinth-- 4th Grade Reading Comprehension

When Marcus, Lexi, and Adam enter a labyrinth race, they discover there's more to winning a maze than just luck.

Rainy Day Fun--Reading Comprehension

Spencer wants to spend his weekend riding bikes with his best friend, Elton, but the rain ruins his plans. Or does it? With a little creative thinking, Spencer and Elton may be able to ride after all.

Making Friends--Reading Comprehension

When Sarah's paired up with Kevin for their art project at school, she's not happy about it because Kevin's always picking on her. But Sarah may make more than a work of art before this project is over.

Earth Day-- 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

It's a beautiful day and all Miranda can think about is riding her bike in the park with her best friend Meredith, but Meredith has plans to plant trees for Earth Day. Can Meredith help Miranda see the importance of Earth Day?

Friday the 13th--Reading Comprehension

Max is worried about his math test, and when his best friend, Adam, tells him it's Friday the 13th, Max finds himself worrying even more. Will stepping on cracks and walking under a ladder be enough bad luck to make Max fail his test? 

Aquarium Showdown--Reading Comprehension

Jared and Mindy love the aquarium, but they can never agree on which show to go see. Mindy loves the dolphins, and Jared loves the sea lions. But this year's show might have something for each of them to enjoy.

The Mother's Day Gift--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Brendan doesn't know what to give Mom for Mother's Day, and when his older sister tells him the gift doesn't have to be made or store bought, Brendan is more confused than ever. But Mom and Brendan's common love for bike riding might be the answer Brendan is looking for. 

Mini-Vacation--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Lauren is dying to go on a real vacation like her neighbors, the Sandersons. But her parents can't afford to take the time off work. Can she and her dad find a solution that works for everyone?

Super Perigee Moon--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Seth isn't happy about the project his teacher assigned, especially since he has to stay up late to complete it. But the super perigee moon just might be more exciting than he realized.

Remembering the Fallen--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

John wants to have a picnic in the park like most Saturdays, but when his usual spot is taken, he and his mom end up by a statue dedicated to fallen soldiers. John learns about a Memorial Day service that has long been forgotten. But when he meets a special woman who knows about the service, he's determine to bring the tradition back.

Father's Day Fort--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Andy can't wait to give his dad his Father's Day gift, but when he wakes up, he finds his dad has a present for him too. Andy is about to learn the best Father's Day gift is father-son time together. 

Heroes in the Sky--5th Grade Reading Comprehension

When Jason finds a model Huey on Grandpa Bill's desk, he wants to hear all about his grandfather's job in the Vietnam War. But while he learns about helicopters and the war, he also discovers what a hero his grandfather is. 

Olympic Games--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Corrine loves the gymnastics unit at school, so when she steps into the gym and finds out they are watching DVDs of past Olympic Games, she's disappointed. But seeing the athletes gives her a great idea of how they can bring the Olympic Games to their school.

New Neighbors--3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Maura is excited to meet her new neighbors. She hopes a girl her age will move in so she'll have someone to hang out with over summer break. But when the moving van arrives, Maura discovers she'll get more than she wished for.

Dog Daze--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

William can't wait for the new puppy to arrive, but when everyone is focused on the puppy and William isn't allowed to go to the park, he's not sure being a pet owner was what he thought it would be. Can he learn to put the puppy's needs first? 

Spider Webs--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Terrance is terrified of spiders, so when his school trip is to go spider watching, he doesn't want to go. Still, his teacher is convinced Terrance will be amazed by the spiders' webs. Can the spiders' talents outweigh Terrance's fear? 

A Garden For One--Reading Comprehension

Rebecca loves helping her grandmother in her vegetable garden and dreams of having one of her own, but her yard isn't big enough. Can her grandmother help her figure out how to have a garden without a proper yard? 

A New Valentine's Day Tradition--4th Grade Reading Comp.

When Amerie's teacher tells the class how a nineteen-year-old girl began the tradition of giving Valentine's cards, Amerie is determined to start a new tradition in her school. 

A Promise is a Promise--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Lance can't wait to go to the skate park with his older brother, Nathan. He even breaks his promise to work with Anthony on their science project. But when Nathan decides to go to a baseball game instead of taking Lance to the skate park, Lance will learn the true meaning of the word promise. 

Scary Fun--Reading Comprehension

James is afraid of Old Man Jeffrey's house. After all, it's haunted. But when he's dared to go inside, he'll find out that scary can actually be fun.

Singing Cousin--4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Nikki is worried that her cousin Bella will embarrass her in front of her friends. After all, Bella sang just about everything she said. Will Nikki make it through the three-day visit or will Bella's singing ruin everything? 

Broken Perspective— 4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Darla and Aaron are blaming each other for breaking their teacher's glass apple, but when they each explain what happened, they'll realize how they were only seeing one side of the story. 

Nothing to Fear—Reading Comprehension

When Coach Miller asks the class to name their fears, Clayton is sure he doesn't have any. But he'll learn that being afraid to admit your fears might be the scariest thing of all. 

Out of Time—Reading Comprehension

Reese spends his entire weekend trying to beat his new video game, but when he finally does, he's run out of time to write his English essay. Or has he? Daylight Savings just might save his English grade. 

Once in a Blue Moon—Reading Comprehension

When Jeanette tells Freddy that her uncle only visits once in a Blue Moon, she'll discover what the expression really means. 

Friendly Sports—Reading Comprehension

Mindy has been practicing for soccer sign-ups, but when all her friends decide to join cheerleading, Mindy will have to decide if being with them is more important than playing soccer.

Leaf Races—Reading Comprehension

Kendall's stuck raking leaves and can't imagine anything more boring, but her neighbor, Eli, shows her just how much fun leaves can really be. 

Nature's Rainbow-3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

Jayden doesn't know how his teacher expects him to find every color of the rainbow on their nature hike, and if he doesn't stop staring at the missing answers on his paper, he'll never finish the assignment.

Bearer of Bad News—Reading Comprehension

When Elisa is asked to post the cast list for the school play and her best friend doesn't get the lead roll, she'll become the bearer of bad news. 

Friday Night Games—Reading Comprehension

Bobby doesn't like having to give up his Friday nights to watch his brother Nick play football, but when he finds out he's Nick's good luck charm, he just might change his mind. 

The Best Birthday Present—4th Grade Reading Comprehension

When Michelle's best friend gets a horse for her birthday, Michelle wants one too. But it's not in her family's budget. Will this birthday be a flop or is there another way Michelle can learn to ride?

Election Confusion—Reading Comprehension

When Beck's class stages a mock presidential election, he can't decide who to vote for and decides not to vote at all. But he's about to learn just how important every vote is.

Brotherly Love—Reading Comprehension

Michael needs to make some extra money to buy a new video game, and with his older brother's help, he'll make enough in no time. But will Michael get his new game or find a way to repay his brother? 

Open-ended Stories on Bullying:

Locked Out—5th Grade Reading Comprehension

Trevor is excited to stay home alone for the first time, but when he takes the dogs outside to play and gets locked out for hours, he'll find out being home alone comes with some responsibility.